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No. Whether you choose JET DJs or another DJ, have them provide proof of liability insurance. What if something happens and the DJ isn’t insured? This business is fast-paced and involves a lot of people, equipment and risk. Professional DJs must carry this protection. It is an additional business expense for us but we take the safety of you and your guests very seriously.

1. Aren’t all DJs covered by insurance?

This type of insurance covers any damages a member of the public may be awarded from injury or damage to them or their belongings resulting from an accident. It also covers legal costs & other expenses when defending a claim. JET DJs believes that it is our responsibility to provide insurance for the couples that hire us and to the venue we are performing in.


2. What does DJ Liability Insurance cover?

4. Venues may require DJ Liability Insurance.

Some venues may require insurance to perform in their building. The insurance guarantees coverage for any incidents that may happen during the night of an event. Check with your venue to be sure.

5. Ask for proof.

6. Other insurance you may consider.

If your DJ gets offended or hesitates to show proof of insurance, this should be a red flag. Additionally, the DJ should provide proof of insurance documentation including the name of his insurance company and a phone number or email for their insurance representative.


If you’d like to protect yourself further, there are several options for wedding insurance. Everything from liability insurance for a single event to coverage for your photos and dress. The Knot has a great article explaining the types of insurance available to you for your wedding. You can find that article here.

Does My DJ Need Liability Insurance?

In a word, yes. Your DJ needs and should have this insurance.


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