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A: JET DJs is an experienced, professional wedding DJ team. We handle wedding receptions (and ceremonies) in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and the surrounding area.


Q: Who is JET DJs?

A: Most DJ companies are content doing a satisfactory job and view your wedding as just another "gig."  It's enough for them to show up on time and play all the right songs.  JET DJs however would rather make sure we bring the "Wow" factor.  We provide exceptional service and detailed attention to your wedding day so that all your family and friends boast how your wedding reception was the best one they've ever been to.

Q: What makes JET DJs different than other DJ companies?

A: Simple, your wedding it too important otherwise.  While the assistant DJ concentrates on music, volume levels, and behind the scenes details, your lead DJ focuses on managing the entire flow of your evening.  This DJ orchestrates everything so that you, your guests, and all the vendors know where to be and when.  No one misses a beat!

Q: Why do you use two disc jockeys at each wedding?

A: We always wear tuxedos by American Commodore Tuxedo.

Q: What do you wear?

A: All weddings require a deposit of $100.  Upon receipt, you'll receive a contract that clearly states our commitment to you and the services we're providing on your date.  All of our weddings book for up to 5 hours initially, with the option to extend that time if you like (and you've worked it out with your hall).  Once we receive the deposit and the signed contract, we're all yours!

Q: How do we book you?

Q: What are your thoughts on the music that gets played throughout the reception?  Do we have any input?

A: Yes!  We come prepared with music ranging from the 50's/60's to today's biggest hits.  We work with you ahead of time to personalize song selections so that we account for (1) your personal choices, (2) guest requests, and (3) our selections as your DJ.  The last thing we want is a cookie-cutter play list where your reception sounds like every other one you have attended.  The songs that get played during your reception should be reflective of your unique group of family and friends.  Taking all this into consideration helps keep your dance floor packed!

Q: We have songs we don't want played.  Is that OK?

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?  Do you have backup equipment?

Q: How loud do you play your music?

A: Yes!  We understand that there are songs you prefer not to hear, or songs you're just plain tired of listening to at other weddings.  Remember, this is your wedding.  We provide a section in the paperwork where you specifically list songs that are not to be played.  It's very simple ... you write it down we don't play it.

A: Music is played at various levels throughout the evening.  During cocktail hour and dinner, it is lower to create a softer environment.  After dinner, volume is increased proportionately to match the mood and level of energy to keep people dancing, as well as match the acoustics of your hall.  Bottom line, we know you need to be able to carry on conversations with your guests without yelling.  The music is never too loud.

Q: Do you take breaks?

Q: We have some special events and announcements we'd like to fit in.  Can we?

Q: When do you setup?  Does that count against our time we book with you?

A: Yes!  Whatever the event, from a slide show, birthday, anniversary, or even your Dad's welcome speech, we help you plan and understand the appropriate time to do it all.  If you need us to coordinate with an outside vendor, say the Videographer for a slide show, we'll work out the details in advance with him/her so you're not bothered.

A: We setup prior to your first guest ever arriving at the hall.  We typically arrive one hour before.  Setup and tear-down time do not count against you.

A: All of our equipment is "Professional Grade" - we can't take any chances on the most important day of your life so we have the most reliable tools of our trade.  Not only do we need to be comfortable, but you need to be comfortable knowing that you can depend on what we're using.  For added assurance, we carry backup equipment that's built into the main system.  Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

A: We do not take breaks.  From the moment you have us scheduled to start, until our scheduled end time, we keep the dance floor going without interruption.

A: Video DVDs are produced to get your attention without ever really seeing your DJ in action.  We believe the only way you'll truly be comfortable with us is to see us "live."  Think about it, what DJ company would ever show someone bad press?  Attending "live" gives you an opportunity to observe how we actually manage the crowd, handle bridal events, sound on the microphone, how we're dressed and even how the DJ system sounds playing music.  You could never get the full effect of all this from a video alone.

A: Most wedding resources say you should book all your "A" choices 12-16 months in advance.  Believe it or not, the smaller more reputable companies book that far out.  Waiting longer may put you in a position where you're looking at "B" and "C" choices.  If you want to avoid the headache and stress, give some thought to booking early. 

A: Water and soft drinks only.  Alcohol is NOT acceptable while we're working.

A: This is entirely up to you.  Generally speaking, including your vendors for dinner is a great gesture.  We're present for the duration of the evening like anyone else.  It's unbelievably appreciated when you are gracious enough to include us.

Q: Do you drink during the reception?

Q: Are we supposed to include you for dinner?

Q: Do you have a DVD you can send us?  Or can we come watch you at a wedding?

Q: How early should we book you?

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