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JET DJs wants your wedding ceremony to be every bit as elegant and organized as the reception itself.  From the time your first guest arrives to the end of your ceremony, you'll need someone to coordinate this effort.  Here is what is included in our wedding ceremony package:







Having JET DJs handle the ceremony and reception leaves less to chance.  You deal with one company that learns all the details to both segments of the most important day of your life.

One handles the music while the other serves as your wedding coordinator behind the scenes. 

JET DJs basic ceremony sound package is a completely wireless, battery powered, 50 watt sound system. Being battery powered means we have complete freedom in placement, whether inside the facility or outdoors.  We provide a wireless mic and also play the songs you have selected for the Prelude, Processionals, your Grand Recessional and Postlude.  If you are doing a rose, veil, or even a candle-lighting ceremony, we play music for that too.

We recognize that it is often difficult and frustrating to hear what is going on with you - especially outdoors.  By providing a wirless microphone for your officiant, all of your guests can hear what is being said.

If you choose the rehearsal option, we will come to your scheduled rehearsal and handle all the details.  We review lining up of your bridal party, timing of who walks when, music selections, etc.

We are looking for engaged couples who want to make their special

day truly remarkable.

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