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your party of a lifetime!

JET DJs know how to make a wedding reception truly great! Our crew has been in the wedding business for over 20 years and understands what it takes to create the type of reception you want. From small to large, biosterous to laid back, or maybe somewhere in the middle, we know how to tailor your event to you and your personality. We attentively listen to you and know the right questions to ask.  Most DJ companies are content doing a satisfactory job and view your wedding as just another "gig."  It's enough for them to show up on time and play all the right songs.  JET DJs however would rather make sure we bring the "WOW!" factor.  We provide exceptional service and detailed attention to your wedding day so that all your family and friends will boast about how your wedding reception was the best one they've ever been to.  

From the beginning of your reception, we have only one opportunity to create the right impression.  It is important that guests understand this is a celebration, and that we are going to have fun all evening.  Your introduction into the room as husband and wife sets that tone right away and creates an energetic atomosphere so that everyone is looking forward to the rest of the evening.

invest in your memories and hire the right team for you

Your wedding is too important to rely on just one DJ which is why we use both an MC and DJ.


Your MC is your personal host for the night and handles everything from lining up the bridal party to announcing the last dance. They make the announcements, interact with you and your guests, and coordinate all the details of your reception with you and your vendors. It's their job to control the flow of the evening and make sure your reception is stress and worry free.  Experience, professionalism and personality are all extremely important.


Your DJ drives the party. They are there to play the music, adjust sound levels and make sure everyone on the dance floor is having a great night! No preset playlists here. The DJ reads the dance floor and plays what everyone is responding to, making the dance floor the place to be!

We use team of two at each wedding:

We wear black dress shoes, slacks, long-sleeve button up shirt, and a black vest. We also wear a tie that is color coordinated.


What we wear

The music we play:

We come prepared with music ranging from the 50's/60's to today's biggest hits.  We work with you ahead of time to personalize song selections so that we account for (1) your personal choices, (2) guest requests, and (3) our selections as your DJ.  The last thing we want is a cookie-cutter play list where your reception sounds like every other one you have attended.  The songs that get played during your reception should be reflective of you and your unique group of family and friends.  Taking all this into consideration helps keep your dance floor packed!

have songs you don't want played?  that's ok!

The equipment we use and our backups: 

Yes!  We understand that there are songs you prefer not to hear, or songs you're just plain tired of listening to at other weddings.  Remember, this is your wedding.  We provide a section in the paperwork where you specifically list songs that are not to be played.

It's very simple... you write it down, we don't play it. 


When we setup:

We setup prior to your first guest ever arriving at the hall.  We typically arrive one hour before.  Setup and tear-down time do not count against the time you've booked us for.


All of our equipment is professional grade - we can't take any chances on the most important day of your life so we have the most reliable tools of our trade.  Not only do we need to be comfortable with our equipment's reliabilty, but you need to be comfortable knowing that you can depend on what we're using.  For added assurance, we carry backup equipment that's built into the main system.


Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

We do not take breaks.  From the moment you have us scheduled to start, until our scheduled end time, we keep the dance floor going without interruption.

Water and soft drinks only.  Alcohol is NOT acceptable while we're working. 

drinking during the reception:

What's the difference between a good reception and a great reception?

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