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We approach your wedding day in a manner that personalizes it to match your uniqueness as a couple and will be reflected by your guests' experience.  We don't believe in cookie-cutter receptions so we work with you to create that unique experience that leaves all your family and friends saying "Wow, that was the best wedding reception I've ever attended!"  Your wedding is an extension of you, so it deserves to be unforgettable and unlike every other one you've attended.  We coordinate all the details and activities for your entire reception so you can simply be the center of it all.  Therefore we'll have as many conversations as you like to ensure you're comfortable that you've made the right choice.  We've all heard the phrase that "a DJ can make or break your reception" and we want your decision to have JET DJs handle the biggest day of your life to be the right one.

We're committed to our clients from start to finish.

We make sure that your big day is all about you!

So how does JET DJs reassure you that we'll make your wedding day all about you?




JET DJs understands that you like to actually get disc jockeys for your own wedding that you know or are able to meet beforehand. That lends itself to a key point:  We are a small company which means you will always know who your wedding DJs are before your special day - no surprises.  The last thing we want to do is attract you as a couple, then send out someone you have never seen nor heard of before or make you wait until the week of your wedding to let you know who we've scheduled - your reception is too important.  Staying smaller in size allows us to put your mind at ease that you will always know who your DJ is and meet with them before your big day.

95% of our events are weddings. JET DJs chooses to take on weddings only.  We pride ourselves on being wedding specialists that provide music solely for wedding receptions and ceremonies.  We devote more time and attention to what we know best so that everyone leaves with a unique, unforgettable impression of your wedding!

JET DJs uses two DJs at every wedding reception - not just one.  With two people, we are able to better manage every aspect of your reception - on and off the floor.  One disc jockey may handle the music, while the other coordinates the entire flow of your evening.  From your grandparents to the youngest children, we make sure everyone is included and a part of the excitement.  No one misses a beat!


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